Mike Kapusta selected to head wireless solutions for Noovis

Experienced industry leader rounds out Noovis’ campus network expertise

Eric Welty, president of Noovis, today named Mike Kapusta as the company’s Director – Wireless Solutions, and tasked him with leading myriad wireless initiatives that Noovis will undertake in the coming months.

“He’s the perfect person for this role,” said Welty from his Hanover, Maryland office. “He is qualified, experienced, connected and has solid business acumen. All are key components for Noovis and our valued clients to remain ahead of and prepared for today’s rapidly changing wireless and fiber optic demands. His experiences in most verticals within the commercial sector and Federal, state and local governments enhance Noovis’ position within the marketplace. You’d be hard-pressed to name a vertical that he hasn’t been involved with.”

Kapusta is a U.S. Army veteran with multiple deployments in Asia and the National Security Agency who also spent more than 19 years performing RF and network engineering work in the carrier, enterprise, and Federal spaces. In addition, he played instrumental roles in the design and deployment of VOIP networks used by AT&T, Verizon and Tata Telecom, among others. And he designed, installed, and maintained one of the largest deployments of checkpoint firewall for MHS (Medical Health Systems), as well as provided design and engineering support for the first onboard wireless deployment for commercial aircraft.

“Today’s enterprise and government clients expect a premiere campus network solutions organization to have expertise in optical networking as well as wireless solutions,” said Tom Napoli, vice president of Noovis. “Noovis has unparalleled expertise in Fiber Optic networking. The addition of Mike Kapusta rounds out our expertise and puts Noovis in a class of its own when it comes to the converged services of Fiber Optic and Wireless networking solutions. His projects have included wireless designs and implementations for the Montgomery County Police, Federal Reserve and National Air Traffic Controllers Association, as well as DAS projects a Reliant Stadium, New Orleans Convention Center, Verizon Center, and Hart Senate Building.”

While working for Booz Allen Hamilton, Kapusta was instrumental in creating a program to provide network security scans and training to ships and naval bases.

Mutual Admiration

“I was attracted to Noovis because they have the experience and knowledge of a large company combined with the flexibility to pivot and do what’s best for the customer,” explained Kapusta. “We don’t have 15 layers of management. Good ideas are vetted and implemented in time to make a difference.”

“We see in Mike Kapusta a rare mix of strengths,” said Napoli. “He has an ability to find, develop and maintain business – customer relations. Most folks who are good at customer relations aren’t typically as strong in design and engineering as Mike is. He’s good at both.”

“My perspective on Noovis was elevated once Eric Welty walked me through N²OA [Noovis Network Operations Application],” said Kapusta. “Unless you’ve grown up in this industry, you can’t begin to understand how significant this is. The thing that really sold me on Noovis, though, was Eric Welty’s vision for N²OA.”

Kapusta was referring to a first-of-its-kind, web-based application, N²OA, launched by Noovis earlier this year to help Noovis clients manage their metro, campus and local area networks.