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Conventional copper and multimode fiber infrastructures cannot keep pace with client requirements for intelligent broadband networks in today’s smart city and campus environments. A Noovis-designed intelligent network is based on the latest fiber optic technologies (PON) capable of supporting a myriad of services (voice, video and data) over a single strand of fiber that is inherently more secure in addition to being more robust.

Our converged solutions flatten your network to reduce CapEx and OpEx while providing simple management, increased bandwidth and carrier-class reliability while enabling a much more robust, intelligent and secure network.

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Our “3 C’s” approach offers a simple explanation of what an intelligent and converged campus network solution based on PON technology can offer:


First we converge your voice, data, and video requirements onto a single strand of fiber that reduces your network infrastructure to a mere fraction of what is required in the conventional Ethernet approach.


Next we use a factory connectorized fiber plant that greatly reduces initial install time and vastly improves efficiency with regards to end user moves, adds changes, and support.


Finally, we offer you the opportunity to conserve energy and save space as our network is completely passive, reducing the need for power and HVAC between the datacenter and the end user, and thereby reducing the number of telecommunication closets needed on your campus and within your buildings. By leveraging the capabilities of single-mode fiber (PON) we are able to reach end users that are located 12 miles from your datacenter with no need for signal regeneration.

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